“Projects will be carried on donors kindness and proper conditions “

Name:-  Harshal  Balasaheb Masugde.
Age:-  14 yrs.
When he had given the admission in our school, he was not only weak but also had more habits like as taking fingers in mouth, unclear  pronunciation, not properly walk and unable to sit one place.

Our staff succeeded to leave his different habits and he is able to sit one place and draw a picture of various things. He is able to sit one place silently.




Name:-  :-  Ganesh Namdev Kare
Age:-  12 yrs.

This child is very unfortunate  because his parents neglected every time and leave him alone that’s why  his behaviors are very acute like as to stare at one place, suddenly go anywhere , loudly cry and murmuring  oneself.

We have understood his problems so he check up by clinical psychologists and treat under advice of   clinical psychologists. After some days, he is able to improve himself as getting instructions by our staff.
After two years he is able to sit at one place, not cry loudly and looking healthy likes a normal child.
In our school, some children’s do their daily activity as normal children but suddenly act the acute child so, our mission is to improve them in proper channel and give their right to live.

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